Popular Colour Schemes and Modern Furniture

  • Sara Hospitality

The trend towards colour palettes and decor options in the past few years has been about focusing on our future, relaxing, ideation, and disconnecting. Last year's Pantone Colour of the Year was Ultra Violet – a deep shade of purple and blue hues to promote originality, futurism, and visionary thinking.

Similar to this, modern furniture styles have been trending towards the natural, the simple, and the bold. Complicated designs and furniture are no longer sought after; minimalism is almost everyone's choice.

Predicted Decor and Modern Furniture Trends

Modern furniture using these deep, rich shades and colours will be key in the 2019 modern furniture trends. Deep colours on the walls with neutral furniture will likely be a prominent trend, making solid colour the focus of the room. On the other hand, we may see a lot of neutral paints with bright accent walls and bright furniture to complement them.

Muted pastels will also likely be a huge modern furniture and decor trend in the upcoming year. Chalky tones will have a place in almost any colour palette and are perfect for a minimalist design, which is always in style recently!

Sara Hospitality is always ahead of the curve for modern design and furniture trends. If you're looking to renovate or repaint in 2019, Sara Hospitality can help you find the right furniture and colours to fit your vision for your new home or business.

We are always updating our furniture styles and colour options to provide our customers with the latest in modern furniture and colour trends.

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